Welcome to the Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN)

SEN is as of February 2015 a part of the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation!  Read the full announcement.

SEN provides individuals that are experiencing difficulties with psychospiritual growth a therapist referral and support service that is staffed by trained graduate students. In a culture which has not understood issues surrounding spiritual development, the gift of being heard and understood by a knowledgeable and supportive listener can be life-altering. We can provide referrals to licensed mental health care professionals (often in the caller’s area) who may be of ongoing assistance. All members of SEN’s National Referral Directory are licensed and insured and specialize in or have been trained to deal with many psychospiritual issues.

Some of our therapist directory is now online for self-referral.

If you can not find a therapist from your area there, then click here and fill out our online request form in order to get access to our entire database of therapists. It may take a few days for emails to be returned.

You may also leave us a message at our telephone referral center: (415) 634-5736 (24 hours a day / 7 days a week) for information, referrals, and/or support. When you leave your message, give us the same information that we ask for here in our online request form. It may take a few days for us to respond–the online request form tends to get faster responses than phone messages.

This web site is also a spiritual emergence resource guide. Look in our books & links sections in the index above.


We are expanding our National Referral Directory to cover all 50 states and their major cities. If you are a licensed counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist or other kind of mental health professional who has been trained or has expertise in spiritual or religious issues and problems and wants to expand your client base, please click here.

Email us here for administrative purposes only.

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SEN offers its referral services free of charge.

SEN is a part of the newly formed Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation, a registered US not-for-profit 501(c)(3) with federal tax ID 77-0365212.

To support the work of the Grof Foundation, including the work of SEN, please email us at contact (at) groffoundation (dot) org for donation instructions or questions.